Above the Call of Duty

"“We started looking for our new home in December and by the end of the month we were ready to move in! We had had horrible problems with our lender before meeting Dan and he went well above the call of duty to help us with the problems. He laid out the whole process for us. With Dan, all we had to do was sign the papers. ""

- Allen & Kim Hurst, Royerton, IN


"“I relocated from Georgia and Dan gave me a warm welcome to the area. I wanted a home that had many of the features my previous home possessed. Dan made sure that all my needs were met as quickly as possible. The warm welcome and quick service made my transition a pleasant experience.”"

- James Clemens, Muncie IN

A Better Choice

"“We had a horrible buying experience before meeting Dan. We were ready to close on another home when the seller suddenly backed out. It turned out to be the best thing because we were then able to meet Dan. He helped us locate another home that met all of our needs. Dan made the buying experience much better for us on our second time around"

- Terry & Debbie Nemitz, Yorktown, IN

For My Family

"“My boys were a major deciding factor when I was in the market for a new home. Dan did everything possible to make sure we found a home that fit our needs. My family and I could not be more pleased!”"

- Richard Prymek & Sons

Our Price, Our Choices, Our Home

"“We were only in the market for two months. It took only 13 days to close after we initially looked at our home. Dan was very professional and incredibly thorough throughout our home buying experience. We knew exactly what we were looking for and we simply told Dan those ideas, as well as our price range and the areas we were interested in. From that information, Dan organized the search and made it easy for us.”"

- Greg & Christina McCammon, Yorktown IN

From Across the Country

"“We knew the buying process would be difficult because we were trying to search while still living in California. We searched houses online and tried to pick from that point of view. When we finally visited Muncie, we only had a week to view homes. When we finally saw our home, it was an automatic decision for us. Although we had little time in the area, Dan helped us as quickly as possible. The move was easy thanks to him!”"

- Norman & Nancy Ramer, Muncie IN

Extra Attention

"“Before meeting Dan I had only had one other home buying experience. I was a bit unsure of what I needed to do and I really needed extra attention. Dan provided the extra attention I was looking for throughout the entire process and was pleasant the whole time in doing so. Dan was very hands-on and accessible. I am so thankful for the help he provided!”"

- Peggy Hensley, Muncie IN